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Your Guide to Buying the Perfect Baby Sheets

Preparing for your newborn can be both a fun and challenging process. With a limited amount of time before your bundle of joy enters the world, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of advise and tips you receive as new parents. As a mom and dad ourselves, we are here to provide you with some of our best tips and suggestions from our years of personal experience and trial and error. Deciding what crib sheets are right for your baby is an important decision that is part of buying your baby’s crib, bassinet, mini crib/pack n play and/or cradle. We are here to help you learn about the different types of baby sheet sizes and different materials they come in. Most importantly, you’ll discover the importance of picking the right sheet for your baby’s bed.


Crib Sheets - Flat vs. Fitted
When it comes to baby crib sheets, fitted sheets are the way to go. They come with an elastic band that will fit tightly around the mattress and won’t come loose. Flat sheets should be avoided since your baby’s crib should be left clean and object-free. I.e. no toys or extra blankets, as these can cause your baby to become tangled or stuck. If you experience cold weather and worry about your baby getting cold during the night, use a thicker onesie to keep them warm.


Crib Sheet Size - Safety First
Buying the right size sheets for your baby is important for safety reasons. Loose crib sheets can come off the crib mattress, and your baby can get tangled. Choosing fitted sheets with deep pockets and an elastic band are key. You must know the size of your crib, bassinet or mini crib mattress your baby will be sleeping on.

Most mattresses are standard in size. However, it is always a good idea to measure the mattress yourself to get an exact number. Below is a list of the standard sizes of mattresses:


What size is a standard crib mattress?
Standard sized crib mattresses are 28" x 52" and are usually about 3-5“ thick. Many standard cribs can convert to toddler beds. As a result, the investment in the best sheets will pay for itself in the future.


What size is my bassinet mattress?
Bassinet mattresses have the most variations in size. bassinet mattress sizes can vary. The average sized bassinet mattress is approximately 15" x 33" x 1-2” deep. Many bassinet sheets can also be used as changing pad covers since they share a similar size.


What size is my mini crib mattress?
A standard mini crib mattress is approximately 24" x 38". If you are limited on space or want to keep your baby nearby, a mini crib is a great option. Most mini cribs can be converted into playpens which makes them a great option if you’re in need of something versatile.


What size is my baby basket?
Also known as Moses baskets, baby baskets are convenient and portable for keeping your baby nearby. The standard size for a baby basket mattress is 13" x 27".


What size is my Pack n Play mattress?

The average Pack n Play mattress is 27" x 39". Adding a fitted crib sheet on top will help keep it cleaner longer and make cleanup a breeze. It is the perfect option for a safe space to play in while maintaining portability, 




Picking The Right Baby Sheet Fabric:
Another important aspect you must consider when shopping for sheets is the fabric type. You will find that cotton is the most common and popular fabric when it comes to crib sheets.


Cotton - The Best Option
Cotton is durable, breathable, all natural and can be used all year round. If your baby has potential allergies, you will be happy to know cotton is also hypoallergenic, minimizing the risk of allergy triggers while your baby is resting. Although there are other options on the market, none of them come close to the balance between health and safety that cotton provides.


Polyester - The Least Preferable Option
Polyester can be tempting to try considering the different colors and textures that are available on the market. Polyester is very soft to the touch which makes it comfortable to sleep on. Although polyester is a less expensive option to cotton, polyester does not breathe well and does not work well in higher temperature environments. The lack of breathability can create discomfort in warm weather.


Other Things to Consider for Your Baby’s Sheets:

  • Thread count. The higher the thread count, the thicker the material and the softer the sheet will feel. Instead of spending money on several different sets of sheets with varying quality levels, one sure way to get the best out of your investment is to pick a few pairs of high-quality cotton sheets. They will have a longer lifespan and will be much softer than lower-quality sheets.
  • Thickness or GSM. GSM, or grams per square meter, measures the thickness of fabrics such as towels and blankets. When buying your baby’s crib sheets, you might want to consider GSM if you’re looking for quality. Sheets with a higher GSM will offer more padding between your baby and the mattress. Lower GSM sheets will be thinner and can be more likely to tear. At NODNAL Co, our cotton sheets are made of 160GSM, which is one of the highest cotton GSM sheets for baby available on the market.

  • Color and style. No matter what type of bed you pick for your baby, your dream nursery should be a complement to your space and be an extension of you and your family. At NODNAL Co, we offer a variety of gender neutral colors and patterns that are designed to fit a wide variety of nursery styles.


Creating a comfortable place for your little one to sleep is always the goal. After all, a baby that sleeps peacefully at naptime or bedtime means less fuss – and more rest for you. However, your baby’s crib set up can directly impact their quality of sleep, especially in warmer temperatures. At the end of the day, the more comfortable your baby is in their crib, the better they’ll sleep. Therefore, investing in high-quality sheets is essential! If you’re on the lookout for soft, breathable crib or bassinet sheets, NODNAL CO can help. Browse our collections to find the perfect style for your nursery!



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