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Keep Your Baby Cool and Comfortable in the Best Crib Sheets for Summer


Creating a comfortable place for your little one to sleep is always the goal. After all, a baby that sleeps peacefully at naptime or bedtime means less fuss – and more rest for you. However, your baby’s crib set up can directly impact their quality of sleep, especially in warmer temperatures.

For safety reasons, a crib or bassinet should only be outfitted with the necessities – no quilts, pillows, or unnecessary fluff. But one essential product will impact how cool your baby stays while in their crib: the crib sheet

Let's dive into the specifics so you can pick the best crib sheets for your little one’s bed!

How to Get the Best Crib Sheets for Summer

Beyond shopping for the cutest style to complement your nursery, you have a variety of other factors to consider when shopping for crib sheets. If you want to make sure your baby is as cool and comfortable as possible, keep the following features in mind when making a purchase:

Look for Ringspun Cotton

The weave type of a crib sheet can determine its softness and texture. When shopping for a warm-weather crib sheet, smooth weaves – like those in ringspun cotton – are the best option. Anything with prominent textures can hold onto heat and even be irritating against the skin.

Ringspun cotton is made with long, durable strands that can stand up to repeated washing and use. Plus, unlike standard raw cotton, this material is extremely soft, making it a great choice for your precious little one.

Opt for Fitted Over Flat

Even though most crib sheets are designed to fit snugly over the mattress, flat versions are still available – and even some fitted sheets don't fit well. Babies squirm and move quite a bit during sleep, and a flat or loosely fitted sheet can easily work its way off the mattress, leading to safety concerns. Plus, a bunched-up sheet can prevent airflow, making the baby warmer than usual. 

Always opt for sheets that fit the mattress you are using perfectly, even if you have to invest in mini crib sheets. Also, make sure the sheet includes a high-quality elastic hem that holds the sheet taught all the way around the mattress.

Choose Breathable Fabrics

When it comes to summer crib sheets, cotton is the way to go. This material is far more breathable than other fabrics made from synthetic fibers. It also helps to absorb excess moisture, is soft against delicate skin, and is easy to maintain. As you set up your baby's crib or bassinet during warm weather, look for something like jersey cotton crib sheets or a cotton bassinet fitted sheet.

Find High-Quality Crib Sheets at NODNAL CO

At the end of the day, the more comfortable your baby is in their crib, the better they’ll sleep. Therefore, investing in high-quality sheets is essential! If you’re on the lookout for soft, breathable crib or bassinet sheets, NODNAL CO can help. Browse our collections to find the perfect style for your nursery!

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